Client: Onslow Developments
Location: Ipswich
The development proposed at the former Blue Circle cement work at Great Blakenham to be known as SnOasis.
The Ski centre is the key element of the development. It will provide the largest and most extensive facility of this type in the world. It will include a series of indoor ski slopes using real snow in a controlled sub-zero temperature environment.
An ice climbing wall and fun-bobsleigh ride together with maintenance and support facilities.
An assessment has been undertaken of the existing landscape and visual character of the area and the likely impacts on the landscape and visual amenities of the area arising from the proposed development.
Careful site planning of the built elements, using the existing quarried landform to contain the larger scale buildings, will seek to minimise the visual impact of the development.
Additional ground modelling combined with woodland planting will be carried out at a sufficiently large scale to integrate the development with the surrounding landscape and mitigate visual impact.
Because of the nature of the development, it will be necessary to provide a setting of the highest landscape and environmental quality.
This will be achieved through the implementation of our integrated Landscape Masterplan which will deliver a balanced and coherent approach to the scheme and provide long-term amenity.
Snoasis 3D Visual

Snoasis Masterplan