Client: Rusbond plc / Barratt (Leeds)
Location: Leeds
Construction Value: £40 million
The Echo development, located in the emerging East Bank area of Leeds, provides over 450 units of residential accommodation and 70,000 sq ft of office space all located on a major arterial route into the city. The design for this highly prominent development has taken its lead from an art inspired approach to architecture and landscape.
Working with an artist and sculptor throughout the design process, DLA's plans for Echo have a unique sculptural and artistic influence. In addition to the residential and commercial accommodation, Echo will have a truly European feel to it due to the provision of public open space in the form of a 'Pocket Park'.
The main objective for the landscape proposals is to provide a cohesive design connecting the various architectural styles within the Echo development family whilst equally responding to the site's context. The building forms and material colours will be mirrored through the landscape material palette. High quality mid-grey paving surrounding Echo Central will appear to extend into the new landscaped plaza area through the use of small element paving. This provides functional shared surfacing complementing the rich aluminium grey framework colour and contrasting with the red brickwork in the proposed residential Echo City 2 block.


Echo, 3D visual

Echo, Artist Concept

Echo, Sculpture Concept