Vangarde Shopping Park - Monks Cross

Client: Oakgate (Monks Cross) Ltd
Location: York
In 2012, DLA and Oakgate Developments began work on a scheme to provide Monks Cross in York with a premium out-of-town retail park and Community Stadium.
Vangarde Retail Park offers a contemporary shopping environment with flagship store designs that reflects the ambitions of the high end retail tenants such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Next.
Local wildlife has been a key feature in the overall design. A new site was built for newt mitigation, complete with a public art 'Newt Route'. Wildlife corridors have been retained along with the hedge rows and trees, and attenuation ponds have been provided to reduce flood risk in the area.
New ecological mitigation areas were integrated into the scheme along with extensive landscaping. Local Artists were commissioned to create the public art based around the ecology of the surroundings, using high quality local materials and engaging local schools and St John's University in the design process.
Vangarde Shopping Park Public Art