Park Here

Client: DLA Design
Location: Leeds
An exclusive intervention by DLA Design as part of the Surface to Structure Installation 12.06.15 to 17.06.15.
DLA staff temporarily transformed two metered parking spaces into a public park.
The park was designed for the public as a place to stop, sit, rest, take in the activities of the street and enjoy DLA's evolving window display. Our park(ing) spot had everything you could want in a park - grass, trees, seating, shade. It aimed to improve the quality of the urban environment on St Paul's Street and contribute to a more vibrant street-life.
It was part of a much wider global movement creating new forms of temporary public space in urban contexts and calls attention for the need for more urban open space. From the park you could enjoy our window display entitled 'Surface to Structure'.


Park here being built




Park here being used

Park here being set up

Park here being used on the first day