Pocket Park

Client: Ash Sakula Architects
Location: London
Parks on Wheels is an open competition to design a mobile pocket park. The intention is to inspire communities to use undeveloped sites and transform them into community gardens.
DLA developed a design utilising a multidisciplinary approach to produce a unique design. CASPER (a Community Alfresco Seed Producing Environmental Re-cycler) was created, inspired in part by Heath Robinson style Victorian contraptions.
The intent was that while providing for participation and inspiration upon vising a community, CASPERs extensive seed cabinet allows for the storage and organisation of seeds, and therefore a physical legacy is left behind by furnishing the community with their own seeds to plant.
By furnishing seeds to the local community, the opportunity to propagate, grow and harvest becomes available to all.
Due to the movability of CASPER, opportunities to re-visit the community in following years to exchange seeds, cuttings and plants, as well as get together to cook.
CASPERs unique design allows for the integrated growing of plants within pots. This allows for easy plant exchange with the visited communities, so that not only seeds, but plants may be exchanged and used.


Pocket Park Sketch Presentation Board




Pocket Park Sketch

Pocket Park Sketch Axo