Public Consultation

DLA Landscape & Urban Design is well experienced and fully committed to engaging with stakeholders to provide the best service possible, with the most appropriate project solutions.
As part of our philosophy we employ a holistic approach to consultation and engagement, considering the widest range of likely environmental and social issues influencing development. We seek to provide a legacy of participation for direct users and also the local community and interest groups.
We strive to make exhibiting and events as easy as possible for our clients. Whether you need simple and portable exhibition equipment such as a pop up stand or a banner stand, or whether your requirement is a custom designed and built exhibition stand, we can help. Having invested in own in-house production/printing facilities for exhibition materials so we can ensure the tightest of timescales can be achieved.
Every project is co-ordinated and managed by one key contact from DLA to assist you from the beginning to end of the project


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