Doncaster Waterfront

What we do

From small complex projects to multimillion pound schemes, DLA Landscape & Urban Design boasts a strong, committed and enthusiastic team of professionals dedicated to delivering high quality design.
Across the DLA Group our teams include staff who have relevant specialist skills in a wide range of construction industry areas and have worked on projects in a variety of sectors. It is from this collective capacity that we are able to draw resources and technical know-how to respond to the most challenging of projects.
Our design philosophy is underpinned by a genuine commitment to truly understand each individual site and its environs. Only by developing an appreciation of the physical and psychological context of a scheme can we begin to develop a design concept that will ultimately resonate with users and enrich the area, both now and for future generations.
With sustainability at the very heart of our thinking, we aspire to create vibrant and interesting spaces that enliven, excite and inspire. Our commitment to sustainable development permeates all aspects of our work. We aspire to create landscapes that make the best use of natural resources for the long-term benefit of people and places. Our aim is to create practical spaces that encourage activity and interaction and to create a sense of security and ownership.
The DLA Design Group have been training staff and implementing the practical use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) since 2005.